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What SurveyStars Clients Say

  • "Absolutely...100%...there is no way we would have grown like we’ve grown without Stars"
  • "An absolute game-changer!"
  • "We are expanding upstate where we previously did zero business - Stars has given us the confidence and mobility to make this happen - the result is going to be more revenue...and good revenue."
  • "We were just talking about it the other day...we’re really not sure how we operated before Surveystars"
  • "Surveystars has allowed us take real vacations for the first time since owning the business"
  • "Stars has given us our evenings back - what use to take us a several hours of work in the evening to organize the field packages and build the next day’s schedule for our field crews, we now do in less than 10 minutes - we love it"
  • "For me, with Stars, it is much easier to manage my company from anywhere at anytime."

Our Story


The Past

After over a year in initial investment and development, the first iteration of SurveyStars went live for in October of 2006.

SurveyStars was the brainchild of a handful of enterprising survey company owners, managers and operators. It began with the simple idea of trying to allow clients to place survey orders online, track their surveys online, and retrieve the completed survey documents online.

These entrepreneurs had the foresight to focus on the flexibility of the world-wide-web and to seek out an experienced software development team that had previously built enterprise level technology platforms in the service, distribution and manufacturing industries.

SurveyStars software platform has evolved significantly each and every year since 2006 and has enabled its original licensees to consistently grow across new markets and new services enjoying an average 30%+ yearly growth rate.

The Present

Fast forward to today, SurveyStars has evolve into an extremely robust, integrated business, operations and field management technology platform built by and for the land surveying and engineering industry. With a powerful state-of-the-art relational database at its’ core, SurveyStars has connected virtually all of the steps of the typical land surveying, engineering and project management processes. With an overlay of mapping features, reporting analytics and app-driven mobility - SurveyStars drives transparency, efficiency and accountability at every stage of the surveying process.

Whether you are a smaller, owner-operator business focused on one product or you are part of a large, national conglomerate with multiple services and product lines, SurveyStars was designed with the flexibility to fit your company and significantly enhance your business.


The Future

As we look to the future, we are enormously optimistic about the mission to serve and assist land surveying and engineering companies and their people get better. SurveyStars is quickly becoming the gold standard in business software and the top operating platform for land surveying and engineering companies.

We consider our clients partners, we learn from them and enhance the system on their behalf. As our clients like to say, “what’s good for us, is likely good for others.” When we all get better, we all grow - when we all grow, the industry and profession thrives.

As our Stars community grows, we are committed to helping solve the daily challenges inherent in operating a successful business.

If you want to grow, provide an enhanced client experience, manage with more control and/or simply enjoy a greater peace of mind – SurveyStars might be appropriate for your company.

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