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  • "Absolutely...100%...there is no way we would have grown like we’ve grown without Stars"
  • "An absolute game-changer!"
  • "We are expanding upstate where we previously did zero business - Stars has given us the confidence and mobility to make this happen - the result is going to be more revenue...and good revenue."
  • "We were just talking about it the other day...we’re really not sure how we operated before Surveystars"
  • "Stars has given us our evenings back - what use to take us a several hours of work in the evening to organize the field packages and build the next day’s schedule for our field crews, we now do in less than 10 minutes - we love it"
  • "For me, with Stars, it is much easier to manage my company from anywhere at anytime."

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Getting better individually, as a team, and as a company is a decision.

This decision is built on desire, willingness to learn and an openness to change.

So it’s important to ask yourself:

  • Do we really want to improve?
  • Are we willing to take the time to understand the opportunity?
  • Can we set aside the “that’s the way we’ve always done it here” mentality?
  • Will we back-burner our preconceived notions or fears about technology?

transformING your surveying business, together.

If you answered YES to these questions, you are in the right spot with the right state-of-mind. As you proceed, think of SurveyStars as an integrated system of powerful productivity tools that help your land surveying and engineering company become a well-oiled machine.

Think process, think connectivity, think results - we invite you to:

  • Connect
  • Engage
  • Explore
  • Educate
  • Experience
  • Decide
Access mobile suite of history, documentation and data driving exceptional communications and efficiency.
Capture work-flow process, communication points and full documentation; maintaining a robust data base of valuable history.
Drive efficiency and accountability across the organization through full transparency of process and enhanced data analytics.
Build digitally formatted, signed and secured documents communicating the very highest of industry standards.
Routing is Orchestrating and Communicating, Stars Keeps Crews Singing in Harmony!
S.T.A.R.S. - Survey Tracking and Retrieval System or SURVEYSTARS.COM is the ultimate in survey business management software for successful and growing land survey companies. If you are looking to organize and grow your survey business, SURVEYSTARS is a one stop shop real-time online database solution.

SurveyStars software helps companies become better businesses, period!

SurveyStars is the industry leading, web-based software system designed and built for land surveying and engineering companies. Using the SurveyStars operating system, companies are better able to drive consistency, efficiency and productivity across their business management, operations management and field management.

With SurveyStars' integrated, state-of-the-art database platform, modern mapping, app-driven mobility, robust reporting and flexible invoicing, companies enjoy better project management intelligence, make better data-driven business decisions, experience enhanced communications, and deliver more consistent and timely client service.

What's the impact on your business?

Let’s Check the Boxes...

  • Happier Employees
  • Stronger Client Relationships
  • Enhanced Communications
  • Better Accountability
  • Improved Productivity
  • Increased Revenues
  • Expanded Profit Margin
  • Higher Enterprise Value

TheStars Difference

SurveyStars touches and drives efficiency in almost every step of the typical land surveying process - from initial quote/proposal to order entry; from research activities to scheduling/routing; from field work to final product delivery; and from invoicing to storage/retrieval.

Quite Simply, what you want - Stars Delivers!

  • Want to get more organized? more efficient? more responsive to your clients? One-Click Advanced Search 50+ Categories
  • Want to identify your operational priorities and drive efficiency among your employees? On-Demand Reports & Logs Track Actions
  • Want to easily visualize job status, team assignments and track your daily activities across all of your jobs/projects? Employee Pipelines Keep the Focus Sharp
  • Want to better measure progress in real-time with intelligent data to make great business decisions? Dashboards Summarize Key Performance Data
  • Want to automate the tracking of your field crews, their activities and daily productivity? FieldStar Connects Crews, Informs & Measures
  • Want to understand details of jobs completed previously ‘near’ current jobs? Nearby Map IDs Jobs to Provide Intelligence

With SurveyStars, owners and managers experience a feeling of control and a deeper understanding of their business, process, people and profits allowing them to grow, manage, and sleep better with these benefits:

  • enhanced transparency
  • better overall prioritization
  • more defined decision making
  • increased client satisfaction
  • improved financial results
  • calming peace of mind

SurveyStars has evolved into an integrated, solutions-based technology platform that delivers:

  • improved client communications
  • improved internal communications
  • improved access to data
  • improved crew routing
  • improved field efficiency
  • improved process efficiency
  • improved cost accounting
  • improved data analytics

SurveyStars helps you better lead and manage your business in real-time with real-time intelligence. Owners and Principals feel a renewed sense of control, greater transparency, stronger confidence in their daily decision making and a calming peace-of-mind.
SurveyStars helps you better organize, prioritize and manage your field activities. Field managers and crews enjoy an increased tool-set of routing, mapping and mobility that dramatically improves communication, data use, data delivery and document management.
SurveyStars helps you better manage your day-to-day operational process. Operational teams maintain razor-sharp focus on priorities by closely tracking projects, costs, activities, and assignments allowing for more consistency, efficiency and productivity.